Let the Sunshine in series

Let the Sunshine in I, Oil on canvas, size 185 x 155cm, 2016, Intrum Oy Collection

Let the Sunshine in II, Oil on canvas, size 185 x155cm, 2016, State Art Commission Collection, Finnish National Gallery

Let the Sunshine in, Oil on canvas, size 185 x155cm, 2016 Private Collection

Let the Sunshine in - Spring (Kevät), oil on canvas, 155cm x 185cm, year 2018

Let the Sunshine in, oil on canvas size 100x 170cm, 2016, Private Collection

There are so Many Ways to Kiss the Earth - series

Aurinkopuisto - Sunny Park, oil on canvas, size 155cm x 185cm, year 2015

Kleine Grün, Pieni vihreä, oil on canvas, size 80cm x 94cm, 2015 (Private Collection)

Park - Green, oil on canvas, size 80cm x 94cn, year 2015

Puisto- Park (Green), oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm, year 2019

Park (Puisto), oil on canvas, 95,5cmx 190cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Park (Puisto), 100cm x 130cm, oil on canvas, year 2013

Alppipuisto - Park, oil on canvas, 170cm x 250cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Alders (Erlen, Lepikkö), oil on canvas, 110cm x 130cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Autumn Trees (Syksyiset puut), oil on canvas, 130cm x 155cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Park, Colorful, oil on canvas, 155cmx 130cm, 2013 (Private collection)

Yard (Taloyhtiön piha), 80cm x 94cm, oil on canvas, year 2014

Autumn yellow park, size 155cmx 130cm, year 2014, oil on canvas

Jopo, oil on canvas, 80cm x 94cm, year 2014 (Kaapelitehtaalla)

Park, red (Puisto, punainen) oil on canvas, 185 cm x 155cm, 2013

Puistotiet - Parkwege, oil on canvas, 130cmx 155cm, year 2014

Beads, Flowers, Freedom, Happiness, oil on canvas, size 170cm x 250 at Finland Institut in Madrid. This painting is now situated in Finnish Lapland, at Planetarium in Saariselkä, Jussi Eiramo's Foundations' collection