There are so many ways to kiss the Earth -

and Let the Sunshine in series

A School Class is visiting my exhibition at Art Gallery Kakslauttanen, Saariselkä, Finland 2018

Park, oil on canvas, size 100cm x 150cm, year 2020

Let the Sunshine in, oil on canvas, size 185cm x155cm, year 2016 (Finnish National Gallery's Collection)

Let the Sunshine in - Spring (Kevät), oil on canvas, 155cm x 185cm, year 2018 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Sonnenuntergang in Rot, oil on canvas, size 130cm x 110cm, 2015

Aurinkopuisto - Sunny Park, oil on canvas, size 155cm x 185cm, year 2015

Kleine Grün, Pieni vihreä, oil on canvas, size 80cm x 94cm, 2015 (Private Collection)

Sonnenuntergang in Blau, oil on canvas, 130cm x110cm, 2015 (Private Collection)

Park - Green, oil on canvas, size 80cm x 94cn, year 2015

Puisto- Park (Green), oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm, year 2019 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Let the Sunshine in, Yellow (Keltainen), oil on canvas, 1m x 1m, year 2018 (Private collection)

Beads, Flowers, Freedom, Happiness, 170cm x 250cm, oil on canvas, year 2014 (Jussi Eiramo's foundation)

Park (Puisto), oil on canvas, 95,5cmx 190cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Park (Puisto), 100cm x 130cm, oil on canvas, year 2013 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Alppipuisto - Park, oil on canvas, 170cm x 250cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Alders (Erlen, Lepikkö), oil on canvas, 110cm x 130cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

Autumn Trees (Syksyiset puut), oil on canvas, 130cm x 155cm, year 2014 (varattu - reserved)

Indian yellow, oil on canvas, size 80cmx95cm, 2013 (Private collection)

Park, Colorful, oil on canvas, 155cmx 130cm, 2013 (Private collection)

See, darker (Meri, tummempi) Oil on wood, 11cm x 26,5cm, year 2014 (Private collection)

See, not so dark (Meri, ei niin tumma) Oil on wood, 11,5cm x 27cm, year 2014 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Yard (Taloyhtiön piha), 80cm x 94cm, oil on canvas, year 2014 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

So far untitled yellow park, size 155cmx 130cm, year 2014, oil on canvas (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Jopo, oil on canvas, 80cm x 94cm, year 2014 (Kaapelitehtaalla)

Park, red (Puisto, punainen) oil on canvas, 185 cm x 155cm, 2013 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Puistotiet - Parkwege, oil on canvas, 130cmx 155cm, year 2014 (Taiteilijan työhuoneella)

Beads, Flowers, Freedom, Happiness, oil on canvas, size 170cm x 250 at Finland Institut in Madrid. This painting is now situated in Finnish Lapland, Planetarium in Saariselkä.