From Adele's Song Skyfall series
- Apocalyptical Paintings exhibition at Gallery Katariina 2016

Where You go I go, what You see I see, oil on canvas, size 110cm x 130cm, year 2016

Skyfall, oil on canvas, size 155cm x 130cm, year 2016

I know I´d never be me without the security of Your loving arms keeping me from harm (When it crumbles, Don´t make my daughters cry), oil on canvas, size 155cm x 185 cm, year 2016

Let the sky fall, White, from Apocalyptical Paintings series, oil on canvas, size 94cm x 80 cm, year 2016

That Skyfall, oil on canvas, 52cm x 40,5cm, 2016

Feel the earth move and then hear my heart burst again (Rainbow, Something lovely), oil on canvas, size 155cm x 130 cm, year 2016 (varattu - reserved)

Face it all together (Armageddon), oil on canvas, size 89cm x 73cm, year 2015

Skyfall is where we start, oil on canvas, size 80cm x 65cm year 2016 (Private collection)

Hold Your Breath and Count to Ten, From Adeleś song Skyfall-series, size 155cm x 130cm, oil on canvas, year 2016