Vaaleanpunainen Koivu - Pink Birch

The Story of Pink Birch

On August 9th 2018 I wanted to escape to Lapland to paint the colorful nature, but I obviously couldn’t do it because of all the obligations I already promised on the springtime. When I told this to a woman (who happened to be a daughter of an artist), I heard her telling her dad had often travelled on autumns to Lapland because of the colors of the nature. The artist had taken photographs in Lapland and the daughter remembered how sad the father had once been when the pink birch he had shooted in Lapland was repaired by a photolab as an fairly standard birch (earlier the photo labs could made like that, just repaire colors).

On August 14th wrote my friend an fb-update where he told that autumn is much easier to accept when you have a small poodle in your arms. I don’t have any kind of poodle but I immediately understood what my friend mean - something warm, soft and wonderful between man and the world. I had just heard the story of pink birch and in my thoughts I added:

" The autumn is much easier to accept when you have a small poodle in your arms
... or if you have seen a pink birch .." / Gallery A2, Helsinki 2018

More Abstract (Vaaleanpunainen koivu-sarjasta Abstraktimpi) oil on canvas, size 185x 155cm, 2018

Untitled, oil on canvas, size 185x155cm, year 2018

Morning, oil on canvas, size 150x 100cm, year 2018

Morsiamena mäellä - Like a Bride, oil on canvas, size 35x 27cm, 2018

He said: "Huomenna jos kiipeää katolle niin näkee auringon", oil on canvas, size 30x20cm, 2018

Uhrilehto, oil on canvas, 70x60cm, 2018

Aino, koivun synty (Aino, The birth of a birch, Kalevala), oil on canvas, size 58x43cm, 2018

Vaalenapunainen koivu, Pink Birch series, 2018, private collection

Pink birchbark, oil on canvas, size 61,5cx 43cm, 2018, private collection

Untitled from Pink Birch - series, oil on canvas, 30x30cm, 2018, private collection

Koivu ja tähti (A Birch and a Star), oil on canvas, size 100x 100cm, 2018